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Know about how Kemon works:

Kemon uses wave technology which is now trending for stack investors. it uses a Leased Proof of Stake (LPOS) consensus mechanism. In a traditional POS blockchain, a user needs to run a full node to stake in a traditional POS blockchain. However, with LPOS users can choose to “lease” their Waves to a full node staker.
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    Worldwide payments

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    Low processing fees


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Why Choose Us

Kemon is the brand new crypto currency in india. in crypto world memes and sharing of currency and gaining popularity increases value of currency. Lakhs of content creators share memes and information releated to “kemon” daily on social media pages and “Kemon” make record breaking performance daily!

Qualified Expert

We have team of experts who make graph of Kemon more voltile , due to which holders of Kemon get high profits by holdings .

Accepted in ecommerce

Kemon payments are accepted by global ecommerce company ecomindia.live . hence Kemon is real world payment method

Quality Professionals

our professional treaders and investors make fluactions in graph by continue buying and selling Kemon and make real transistions .

The best part of Kemon is that it can be used as real world payment method due to fast transitions , and also great to use as digital wallet.
Mr. Parth Lagade
CEO of lagade ports and digitals
I mostly used Kemon for investment and holding purpose. It just take my investments to another level. I strongly suggest that you must hold Kemon for a week or more, then you get best results.
Alicia Potter
Head of webcartindia crypto department
No cryptocurrency is made in india, but Kemon is now at its starting phase to become indias as well as worlds no.1 crypto currency. I will prefer to hold for year and lets see what happens.
Edward B. Suarez
Tester of Kemon
lagade industry

Companies accepting and investing in Kemon:

We have our potential clients and partners as well as regular investors companies like indias biggest ecommerce solution webcartindia, global raetilers ecomindia and large educational website coursehub. as well as all companies under lagade industries supports and invest in Kemon.

don't wait for time! This is perfect time to invest.

Basic price of wave technology used by  kemon is $30 now and experts are predicting that it will goes upto $55 in next few days, its almost double of your invested money!