You are currently viewing india’s 1st ecommerce platform launched!

india’s 1st ecommerce platform launched!

Hello! I am parth lagade , founder and Ceo of and In this post I am telling you guys about webcartindia and how to get started with ecommerce using webcartindia. 

                            So, is india’s 1st ecommerce platform which provides fully functional readymade ecommerce website with all features integrated like payment gateway, shipping integration, all ecommerce features + Blog. 

                       In other platform’s like shopify and other site’s , there is high account creation costs + plugin cost + theme cost. To start ecommerce website on this platform’s like shopify it costs around Rs. 30,000+ and advertising costs +additional costs. 

    But if you start ecommerce website with it costs only Rs. 80 /month. And one more biggest thing that stands webcartindia on top than other platforms is that We provide readymade ecommerce website with all features and functionality (premade ecommerce website with best theme & plugins) while other platform’s provide website builder to get started. 

              Trust me guys, our developers can make more proffesional and sell’s generating website that you cant ever think and this is the biggest benifit of our ecommerce platform. 

 provides following features:

  • Free domain + hosting
  • 2. one ready & fully functional ecommerce website
  • 3. Unlimited products
  • 4. 24/7 chat/mail/call support
  • 5. All techanical work & backend managed(content upload, website updates)
  • 6. Unlimited SSD disk space & bandwidth
  • 7. Sell worldwide
  • 8. Free money transistion
  • 9. Gmail+sms marketing
  • 10. Backend sells analytics
  • 11. rights to sell products on popular ecom site
  • 12. PayPal payment + BHIM upi payment gateway
  • 13. 100 proffesional Gmails
  • 14. Marketing and Facebook ads experts support
  • 15. Daily special blog upload on your blog of website to generate organic traffic
  • 16. Foregin Sales expert (for selling worldwide)
  • 17. Instant website customisation based on your need

SO now we discuss what kinds of website you will get . You can start your own ecommerce store if you have your own product to sell and all features like payment, collecting, shipping and all ecommerce faetures are integrated in your website . 

If you does not have your own product to sell , you can also resell products own website from other reselling apps like meesho, glowroad, aliza-express/ 

        To start dropshipping you can simply buy advanced-ecom plan of webcartindia. in that plan you will get’s plugin to add their product to your website and earn high commission’s on every sell. biggest market for all dropshippers and resellers are usa and canada. so if you join us, our weervers are located in uk and natherland ,to get high speed website loading time in western country’s. But if you want to start dropshipping in india , you can start with app’s like meesho and glowroad to resell products on you website in india. 

                        We upload daily blog to your website to give your website organic traffic and generate more sells. we also provide you built-in SEO settings to rank website on google. 

                If you want demo of website you can visit our website and in store section you will get demo of rough/basic idea of website you get. 

you can also buy ecommerce app for Rs.10,000 by saving Rs.5000 per year. if you want to save rs.10,000 you can buy 2 years contract for rs.15000. 

                you can save money that used for theme, plugins and othre releated functionality. our developers make websites with premium plugins and themes. by choosing us you can save your time required for techanical works. because our techanial experts will do all techanical works for your ecommerce website , also works like content upload , product upload with required SEO settings will done by our developers. (to rank website, blog, product on google).  

                If you want  customisation in any of your website and also if you want any desired website the you can buy our premium-ecom plan in which you get all rights to customise website and our developers make your desired website with required functions with you. 

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